Gas Spring Stopper (Mechanical Lock+Gas Spring)--LUXURY

  • Model No.:TKGSS
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

Specifications : 

  • The Length of Outer Tube: 153MM+stroke
  • Stroke: Customize according to your need
  • Thrust: Min. 6KG, Max. 140KG.
  • End Fitting: Standardized end fittings for choices
  • Switch: Choose among Parallel, Perpendicular and Level
  • Finishing: Black coating / Chrome plating
  • Operation Life Expectancy: Under testing
  • Compression Load Capacity: 1100KG.
  • Tension Load Capacity: 1200KG.
  • Sliding Friction: Less than 3KG
  • Net Weight: Around 0.68KG
* The above statistics in the description is based on the testing result of TKGSS-F02(8)-313-160-20-R1.
** In order to smooth the process of customization, we will be very appreciative of your help if you could provide us a detailed drawing (draft).

If a detail drawing (draft) is available, it’ll be easier for our evaluation.

Standard End Fittings :


Switch :


Order Example :


TKGSS - F02(8) - 313 - 160 - 20
Gas Spring Stopper   End Fitting(Top&End)   Outer Tube Length (mm)   Stroke (mm)   Thrust (KG)

Please choose what you need step by step.
If you need any assistance, welcome to send us an inquiry.

Product Certification:

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT
  • Minimum Order:100 Pieces

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